1342 Shane Blair

1343 Twister

1344 Jezabel Vessir

Shoot Location: Taupo Bay, New Zealand

Unlike our usual shooting style this video has some occasional second camera footage spliced into this scene from time to time. The abundance of girls and action benefits from the extra angle on the odd occasion. The video quality is clearly not as good on the second camera as it comes from an iphone rather than a pro camera although this only accounts for about 15% of the footage.

Scene 1

Get Back Twerk. 7:36

There’s not much of an intro to this video. The girls were already doing interesting stuff so we just started shooting. They spend this entire clip shaking their booties in what appears something like a twerk workshop. It’s pretty clear that the 38 year old Cherie is the experienced one showing the younger ones how to do it.

Twisted Sisters. 8:26

This clip might not be of interest to those looking for graphic pussy and ass but it is loaded with fun and personality. The weather was kind of crummy for outdoor shooting and the girls wanted to play twister so we shot it. There’s definitely no elegant posing in this.

Fourgy Network. 19:36

The real lesbian scene starts here with all four girls getting naked and having a full on orgy. It’s not exactly our usual style of video and more like a typical porno movie complete with dribbling saliva and over the top theatrics. It seems you cannot take the porno out of the porn star. It gets petty sweaty by the end of the scene. There’s a little BTS to end the scene as the girls go outside to cool off in the drizzle.