1336 Lucie Cline

1337 Salena Storm

1338 Kira Noir

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Look Hose on the Table. 17:31

A gorgeous face and super sexy pantyhose are where it’s at for this tease video. Besides the usual standing poses Salena spends much of this clip lying on top of the large wooden slab table. The crossed line pattern on the pantyhose appear to enhance the shape of her legs. They get pulled down around her thighs halfway through giving you the nude pussy and ass views to compliment the stocking legs. Perhaps a highlight is the pose lying on her side on the table with some beautiful ass spreading to get the private places out in the open. You will surely agree she is one of the prettiest faces on the site after viewing this video.

Storm Watch. 6:40

With all clothes but the shoes now off we now just soak in her bare underside for a while. Bend over poses and close up underneath views are plentiful throughout. The second half is all backward sitting poses on the chair including a lot of straight up the butt viewing from below.

Lets be Frenzy. 10:22

Salena’s glass toy masturbation scene is energetic to say the least. At times she gets bucking around like a woman possessed. Sometimes her motion is too much for a clear close up view so we hold back a little. After a brief respite in the bend over position she returns to the original position and resumes the fucking frenzy. There’s a couple of minutes of fingers only pussy fiddling and spreading to round out the video.