1337 Salena Storm

1338 Kira Noir

1339 Aria Alexander

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Kira No Arse. 15:22

Though Kira is quite skinny she doesn’t exactly have “no arse” but it rhymes nicely with her name. She gets out of her bikini in pretty short order leaving almost all of this clip for naked pussy and ass inspection. This set is really loaded with strong, bold, almost gaudy colours but it contrasts nicely against her dark skin.

I Fucking Blue it. 9:16

Kira’s big blue rubber dildo is a perfect match for the furniture. The penetration seems quite fulfilling and produces some prominent creamy streams of pussy juice. There appears to be a genuine orgasm at the climax of this action even without any vibration.

Jacuzzi Floozy. 7:09

Kira gets into the jacuzzi and floats her butt around in various bend over and butts up positions. She also twerks a little bit with her ass flapping in the waterline. Probably all the best butt shots of the scene are in this clip.

Jacuzzi Floozy - 3D. 3D info 7:09

This is a virtual repeat of the similarly named clip above but in 3D.