1335 Lucy Doll

1336 Lucie Cline

1337 Salena Storm

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

I Love Lucie. 8:53

Even with her gap tooth smile Lucie is especially cute from the neck up and there are accordingly some more prolonged face shots included in this video. Her movement is not alway the most elegant and yet she has a charming way that many will find quite enchanting.

Cave in Cline. 11:15

This is all nude posing with full body and low angle views at the beginning and more graphic spread shots towards the end. Once again we get a great close up face shot with her sexy eyes and gap tooth smile flirting with you while she twiddles her hair. She then gets down on the chair with her legs spread high and wide to gape her pussy for your inspection.

Press the Buzzer. 9:15

Lucie was aiming for a squirting orgasm with the big powerful vibrator. For a while it seems like it might not happen but she eventually squeezes out a stream of particularly yellow squirt as she orgasms. The build up is probably more interesting as she has some reactions to the toy and you can see her muscles clenching.