1270 Lily Adams

1271 Cleo Vixen

1272 Shane Blair

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallerta, Mexico

Scene 1

She Satin the Back. 14:07

Cleo’s satin shorts are an awesome fit on her super smooth and flawless ass. You may spend most of the time debating which is smoother between her beautiful ass or the super shiny satin shorts. Together they make a beautiful vision of curves and smoothness with ass cheeks spilling half out of the shorts. Then with her shorts off she wedges her panty thong right up in her pussy giving you quite an eyeful with not much left to the imagination.

Nice of the Round Table. 9:09

This is all nude posing on top of the big round table with bare pussy and ass in your face most of the time. Most notable is her beautiful smooth undercarriage with remarkably clear skin. In the last few minutes she sits backwards on the chair giving an awesome low angle view up her ass from below as her ass hangs out in mid air.

Nude Cleo Device. 10:31

Cleo’s masturbation session involves a knobby glass dildo and a small pink vibrator sometimes used one at a time and sometimes used together. For a while it might seem like it’s not really working for her but then she has a very nice orgasm with obvious contractions visible in her anus. She then tries for another orgasm using just the small vibrator in footage that shows some gorgeous pussy and ass views.

3D. 3D info 13:53

Cleo’s 3D video has content similar to the first two clips above. The 3D alignment might be a little suspect in the first few minutes but it comes around more the longer you watch it.