1269 Gina Valentina

1270 Lily Adams

1271 Cleo Vixen

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Velveeta Tease. 22:19

Dresses don’t get any shorter than this allowing for some really easy up skirt views. Though it covers her ass the slightest low angle view gives you a really nice eyeful of butt cheeks and thong. Without any deliberate effort the dress automatically slides up over her ass as she moves around. She gets pantyless a few minutes in and repeats the upskirt tease with all of her private places completely exposed. The dress stays on for the majority of this clip and yet it is saturated with loads of bare pussy and ass ogling. In the last few minutes she gets completely nude and her bare figure is beautifully displayed in several positions.

An Adams Handler Movie. 8:12

Lily has a little pussy rubbing session while lying on her back on the kitchen counter.

Oy Vase. ITC Favorite 5:46

Lily uses the big red vase on the counter top for her sex toy with it’s long slim neck being the ideal size and shape for use in her vagina. Many scenes with unusual objects for sex toys may seem kind of gimmicky but this is certainly not one of those times. This one is downright sexy with some really beautiful insertion action. Her pussy and ass are beautiful exposed and displayed throughout the scene with excellent positioning.