1271 Cleo Vixen

1272 Shane Blair

1273 Jasmine Summers

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

It’s relatively evident that Shane was having some issues with the heat and brightness of the location and not quite diggin’ it which affects her performance here. Scene 2 is considerably different.

Scene 1

The Blair Bitch Project. 12:26

Shane’s one piece is not quite a bathing suite and not quite lingerie and may or may not fit the setting but it sure looks good on her. The see through panels give a little hint of what is underneath. She gets fully naked half way through this clip leaving the rest of it to admire her bare girlie bits. She does a pretty decent though brief pussy spread with nice lighting going right up her vagina. The bend over poses at the end are quite nice with excellent lighting.

Have you Know Shane? 7:08

Shane uses a red rubber vibrating dildo while lying back on the deck furniture. At first it doesn’t look like it’s going to do much for her and then she has a pretty decent and genuine orgasm when she rubs the vibrating head against her clitoris. You can see some pretty obvious secretions gathered in her vaginal slit as she orgasms, though she never really shows it off with any dabbling.

Oh Water Shane. 4:16

We got her into the pool to cool off hoping for a little more enthusiasm which never really happened. We do get some rather nice butt spread views with water streaming down over her ass crack.

Scene 2

Blair Naked. 15:18

This footage is from Shane’s original casting and was shot on an entirely different day and location. The mood and performance are much improved and we get some really nice shots showing off her assets at their best. After quickly teasing in her jean shorts she gets naked and there’s some fantastic bend over posing and squatting over your face. With her knees all the way up on the arms of the chair she straddles your face with the legs really wide open giving a great view up her ass. In the second half of this clip she leans back in the chair with her knees up high and wide and masturbates using just her fingers to rub her pussy. She gets a pretty decent pussy gape at the end of the scene.