1268 Zaya Cassidy

1269 Gina Valentina

1270 Lily Adams

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

I Eyes Her. 16:20

Gina’s little black dress has some pretty substantial slits up the sides and almost looks more like a shirt with a flap covering her ass. Her posing fluctuates between classy and slutty when she bends over her her butt hanging out under the bottom of her dress. Though she doesn’t get fully naked until the last few minutes her beautiful bottom end form is well displayed throughout as she bends over wearing only her panties. When the panties finally come down around her thighs you get a beautiful eye popping view of her bare underside bending over in your face.

Show Ass what you got. 11:11

Now with her panties off Gina poses and parades around the balcony just showing off her beautiful naked figure. There’s ample full body shots in the first half of this clip displaying her beautifully sculpted tight curves, especially as she stands in the doorway. Then she moves onto the chair and her butt gets another close up inspection as she squats bending over right in your face. Then lying on her side on the chair her entire undercarriage is beautifully exposed for more close up ogling.

Un Frig Wetable. 12:31

Lying back on the chair with her legs up high and wide Gina starts fiddling with her pussy warming up for an eventual squirt. She soon sits more upright with her pussy and ass hanging off the front edge of the chair while you view the action from right underneath her pussy. It is interesting to watch her vagina start to open up as she pushes hard to try to orgasm and squirt. It takes her a while to get the squirt but it eventually comes after some concentrated pussy pounding and rubbing. It’s a relatively modest amount of squirt but she does splatter and drip out at least three times.

Scene 2

Groovy Night. 6:28

This clip shows a little bit of the after hours activity in the night club as Gina dances with a few unidentified people on the dance floor. She looks pretty hot in her ripped form fitting jeans and high heels. Also seen briefly in this video is Elsa Jean.