1267 Sydney Cole

1268 Zaya Cassidy

1269 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Just a Nava Ho. 11:59

Putting aside the fact that Zaya has a few little skin issues going on at the time of this shoot we can say that she is super hot with beautiful hair and a very pretty face. She really does look sexy in her form fitting red dress. Though she doesn’t getting fully naked yet she does strip down to her panties and gives some teasing views of her bend over butt.

This is Indian Cuntry. 14:58

Zaya pulls down her panties and the magic begins as she bends over and spreads her naked ass in your face. It might be understating to say she has one really good angle as her bend over spread ass is amazing with a gorgeous ass crack and really long pussy lips enhancing the view. Not to say that her other positions aren’t great too but everything transforms to awesomeness as soon as her pussy and ass come out for naked inspection. There’s a number of other nice positions including a very pretty face shot as she poses doggy style face forward. Then it’s back her to her outstanding butt spreads as she bends over and squats in your face.

Dong Cassidy and the Long Twat Kid. ITC Favorite 13:09

Zaya fucks herself with a big red dildo while at first lying back on the couch. She soon moves to a position squatting with her ass hanging off the edge of the couch giving you the full unobstructed view of her entire pussy and ass region throughout the action. After looking slightly dry to begin with she eventually gets really nice and moist with some dripping juices enhancing the scene. The penetration action is really nice with the toy often coming completely out of her vagina showing off her beautiful assets with everything really well exposed and dripping with juices. There appears to be a genuine orgasm to culminate the scene as you see the contractions around her anus as she cums.

3D. 3D info 15:11

This is a 3D version similar in content to the first 2 clips above. It is somewhat more brief but includes a slightly successful though amateur attempt to juggle a few apples.