1266 Jenna Sativa & Brittany Shae

1267 Sydney Cole

1268 Zaya Cassidy

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

It's Pretty Cole in here. ITC Favorite 23:30

Sydney’s slender yet beautifully formed curves really pop as she lies on the bed with her butt projecting out prominently. It’s an ass lover’s dream with her gorgeous rear dominating our attention for extended periods both in and out of her lingerie. Her bend over poses and side positions are really pretty. We spend long periods of time just soaking in her bare pussy and ass with all her prettiest places thrust right into your face and fully exposed. Revealing and sexy positions are plentiful throughout this extensive clip beautifully showing off one of the nicest undersides on the site.

Cole Mining. ITC Favorite 10:58

Sydney uses a big green dildo while lying back on the bed. She spends most of the time with her knees pulled all the way back to her chest and together in a position that enhances the beautiful curves around her ass and bulges her pussy lips out between her thighs. The dildo penetration is really pretty with thick lips sandwiched between her thighs and bulging around the toy. There’s a brief diversion to the doggy style pose but we soon revert to the outstanding position on her back with her knees up to her chest.

What Sydney Twat? 4:00

Sydney’s pussy is now spread wide open with a speculum gaping it to the maximum. She has a little redness around the cervix which may be either interesting or distracting depending on your perspective.