1265 Demi Lopez

1266 Jenna Sativa & Brittany Shae

1267 Sydney Cole

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Naughty Thoughts. 5:57

Jenna and Brittany both do a little bit of solo posing in their lingerie before the lesbian action begins in the following clips.

Da Licked-able Dykes. 16:06

Now posing together the girls take their time frisking each other and exploring their bodies before getting naked and naughty. Much of the lesbian action here involves Jenna bending over and getting her pussy and ass eaten out, but then the girls reverse the position and Jenna feasts upon Brittany’s bend over underside as well. Both girls have a little bit of a bush with Brittany’s being thicker but shaved on the lips whereas Jenna has a light dusting extending a little onto the lips as well.

Sexy Slobbin' plus two equals 69. 5:27

The action becomes a 69 for quite a while with Brittany on top showing her bend over ass right on Jenna’s face. You get to see the action from both ends although Brittany’s ass is a little more well exposed to the camera with her top position.

Dicksy Chicks. 13:45

The action now has a couple of dildos introduced to the scene with dildo fucking and pussy and ass licking going both ways, first on Brittany and then on Jenna. The dildos are mostly just a bit of an enhancement in the first part of the scene as the pussy eating remains the much more compelling aspect of the action. Then Jenna virtually does the splits while getting the dildo shoved up her pussy and her ass eaten out.