1264 Cindy Starfall

1265 Demi Lopez

1266 Jenna Sativa & Brittany Shae

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Frayed Ass Stare. ITC Favorite 13:10

New model Demi is all ass, and what an ass it is. Her frayed jean shorts spill out tons of ass cheek and you can even see a hint of her panties. We spend a fair amount time just glued to her ass watching the beautiful curves undulate as she dances in front of you. She also gets down on the grass crawling around with her ass curves really popping out. She strips down to her panties two thirds into this clip and we once again have a little inspection of her ass in panties before she gets naked. Her dancing gyrations really bring the full voluptuous curves alive for an ass lover’s dream.

It's all Nudes Demi. ITC Favorite 13:09

The scene continues in a similar manner with Demi dancing and crawling on the grass surface but now fully nude. There’s a little bit more crawling now than before in the first part of this. She then moves onto the bench in the shade and shows off her beautiful underside in all kinds of lying and bend over positions. Her wiggly bend over butt wobble is quite intoxicating. Her big butt curves really pop as she thrust her ass out in the various lying positions. The clip ends with a little more explicit close up pussy spreading.

Demi Dong. 5:57

Demi has a relatively quick go at fucking herself with a big rubber dildo. The action is nice enough but perhaps the more interesting part is the pussy spreading at the end of the clip.

Bling that Back Asshole. 6:30

Demi stuff a chrome butt plug up her ass and then proceeds to wobble her ass around in your face in a few different positions. She pops the plug in and out a few times although the big jiggly butt twerks are probably the main attraction here. Near the end she uses just one finger up her ass and then we get some beautiful close up views in her ass crack with some really nice jiggle enhancing the view.