1263 Abella Danger

1264 Cindy Starfall

1265 Demi Lopez

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Cindy talks to you quite a lot throughout this video. However much of the time it is a bit difficult to hear her as she is drowned out by the ambience of the waves while the microphone was too far away. Visually this scene is one of the most beautiful we have shot in a while with clear blue skies, rich colours and tons of water enhancing the view.

Scene 1

Water Great View. 11:35

It is a beautiful setting with Cindy looking quite elegant in her one piece bathing suit against the scenic ocean background. When not standing against the railing she spends most of the time rolling around on the deck chair showing off her lovely curves and chatting to you.

She Cindy Nude. 12:08

Now fully naked Cindy shows off her bare assets under beautiful lighting conditions. Reflected light fills every crevasse in her underside giving you a crystal clear view. She squirms around standing over your face for a while and then lies down on the chair thrusting her ass in your face. The way she pops her ass out in your face is super enticing while she is lying on her side.

Lemma Know Fiddle do. 7:24

Cindy has a light finger masturbation session while lying on her back, side and font. It’s not really clear that there’s any real orgasm in this but it does include some well displayed pussy and ass.

Sun Buns being Picky. 5:55

Cindy has a light finger dabble up her ass while lying on her font on the chair. It’s not particularly hardcore action as she just gets one finger one knuckle deep up her ass but visually it is quite a treat. There’s some very clear extreme close up shots in her ass crack in the latter portions. You can inspect her anus at sniffing distance in direct sunlight conditions.

A Booty Pool Scene. ITC Favorite 16:03

This clip with Cindy in the pool has some of the best shots of the entire scene, especially when she bends over doggy style and floats her wet ass just out of the water. You’ll love the way she trickles water down her ass crack while lightly winking her anus. She then gets her hair wet and moves over to the infinity edge of the pool where we get some pretty awesome head shots while she has a rather playful good time. The footage now oscillates back and forth between floating ass shots and face shots at the pool’s edge. The water of the infinity edge pool combined with beautiful reflected light gives us some pretty spectacular footage here.

Afterthoughts. 1:31

This is something like BTS footage as the camera still rolls after the scene is done capturing Cindy blabbering some random funny talk. Finally she says goodbye in three different languages.