1252 Chloe Lane

1253 Kira Noir

1254 Anya Olsen

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Kitchen Kira in the Act. 12:35

This short scene covers everything from strip tease to nude posing to masturbation in fairly quick succession. There’s no toys involved. It’s just a quick finger masturbation session while sitting up on the counter top. You can see her pussy still pulsating after she reaches her orgasm.

Scene 2

Short Film Noir. 13:53

Kira poses in her American jean shorts and decorative mesh top beside the pond of a quite impressively large estate. The late afternoon shade puts a soft light over virtually the entire scene. This clip has almost equal parts strip tease and nude posing although the nudes section has a few less close up shots than normal due to some annoying flies that ruined that part of the footage.

Buzz Kill. ITC Favorite 5:56

We managed to get a pretty decent length of masturbation footage without any flies spoiling this scene, perhaps due to the large vibrator scaring them away. She lies down on the bench and has a good go at it with the heavy duty vibrator producing some pretty obvious reactions. You can clearly see her pussy muscles tensing throughout this footage and her clitoris even sticks out in spite of the big vibrator head being right there.

3D. ITC Favorite 7:32

This 3D clip is quite similar in content to the “Short Film Noir” clip above though more brief and with a little alternate ending amongst the bush for 3D effect. Her jean shorts look pretty awesome in 3D. The last bit with Kira posing behind the plant is not so much for display of her asset but is mostly just intended to accentuate 3D effect and might be the nicest footage of the scene.