1251 Bailey Rayne

1252 Chloe Lane

1253 Kira Noir

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Next to Know Chloe’s. 18:47

Chloe is completely bottomless under her loose flowing mesh top allowing for some instant nude views from the low angles. Though she doesn’t take off her top this is essentially all nude views with Chloe doing lots of bend over posing and getting her ass out in the open in various positions on the alcove bed. She’s got some nice thick curves on her bottom end which are quite apparent when she squats virtually sitting on your face.

Stick to your own Lane. 11:30

Chloe uses a big purple dildo to slowly fuck her pussy. It seems like she has to go slowly at first because it appears like it hardly fits inside her with the ridges on the dildo getting stuck against her vagina walls. As the action picks up she gets quite creamy and her bottom end gets well exposed as she turns slightly more onto her side. It’s questionable whether there’s really an orgasm in this but it’s quite a good show nonetheless.

Taily Ho. 3:30

Chloe bends over and sticks a ball on a rubber string up her ass until only the string is left hanging out of her ass. After a bit of light butt hole flexing she starts pulling the ball out of her ass. There’s plenty of close up butt hole shots in this short clip.