1253 Kira Noir

1254 Anya Olsen

1255 Vanessa Veracruz & Elsa Jean

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Yappy to Meet you. 11:53

Anya is a real chatterbox by our standards with almost continuous naughty talk throughout this scene. Her squatting backwards pose is especially nice as she really gets her ass sticking out nicely. As soon as she gets naked she gets into the masturbation right away leaning back with her ass hanging out over the edge of the chair for maximum exposure. She is quite vocal throughout her pussy rubbing session becoming somewhat breathless in her enthusiasm. She does a pretty decent pussy spread at the end letting you see every explicit detail up close.

Scene 2

A Frayed Easy Act. 12:27

Anya’s tattered jean shorts show off quite a lot, especially when she tugs them up in her ass crack. They’re so skimpy you can see her burgundy panties spilling out the sides around the crotch of her jean shorts and even part of her pussy lips spilling out beyond that.

Millennia Rump. ITC Favorite 10:10

Anya’s bend over posing is pretty awesome and that is what dominates most of this clip with full bottomless nudity through all but the first few seconds. She really knows how to get her naughty bits out in the open with a good arch of her back and some well done pussy and ass spreading.

The Done Holed. 3:27

Anya leans back and just gapes her pussy open really nice and wide offering up a very graphic close up view inside her pussy.

Having an Anya-rism. ITC Favorite 9:32

Now with the big body wand vibrator Anya has some pretty intense reactions to the toy in a couple of different positions. The size of the toy really does not block any of the view as she holds it just above her clitoris with her entire pussy out in the open. Her bend over pose is super revealing with excellent posture letting you see literally everything as she reacts to the toy. There’s another nice bend over pussy spread at the end of this clip after she is done with the toy.