1248 Gina Valentina

1249 Holly Hendrix

1250 Misty Lovelace

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Get your Ass off my Hand. 13:03

Holly spends much of this strip tease perched on an unusual hand shaped chair while showing off her panties and then getting naked. About half of this clip is fully nude giving you a rather graphic introduction to her beautiful girlie bits spread wide in your face.

What Tub Fuck? ITC Favorite 8:14

Holly’s big green suction dildo fits perfectly on the edge of the bath tub where she puts on quite a show humping it. This is definitely not a small dildo and she is one of the smallest girls we have shot. It is amazing how she manages to impale herself so easily on the giant toy and difficult to imagine where she puts it all. She gets some very enthusiastic twerking motion going fucking the toy all the way down to the base while we get an excellent view from low down looking up her underside.

Bubbly Holly. 8:59

Holly gets in the bath with lots of bubbles to bury herself in. Her bend over poses are pretty awesome viewed from both behind and from over top. There’s plenty of floating ass, butt rinse and bend over twerking to satisfy the ass lovers. The overhead view shows off some incredible curves around her ass and lower back with a beautiful arch in her back.

X Stream Pressure. 1:55

Holly uses the high pressure stream from the tap to squirt her pussy and get herself off. It’s pretty brief but quite unique with the stream virtually splitting her pussy in half and going right up her slit.

3D. ITC Favorite 7:09

This is a 3D version of the bath scene above with virtually identical content. Her butt rising up out of the suds is a pretty awesome sight in 3D.