1247 Lorena Garcia

1248 Gina Valentina

1249 Holly Hendrix

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Ship on the Whore eyes on. 12:00

Gina has got the hot young babe act all figured out. Youthful beauty is at it’s peak here with Gina looking stunning in her well fitting blue bikini. She parades around a bit although it’s not quite a full feature walking scene. See the next clip for that. There’s several minutes of full nude posing at the end of this clip.

Motion by the Ocean. 5:25

We watch Gina’s amazing figure in motion, mostly zoomed in from afar as she walks several times around the pool. We also get the close up butt shot following right behind her ass as she goes twice around the pool.

A Mexican Ass Deck. 7:45

It’s time now for a close up and detailed look at her beautiful pussy and ass. She gets down on the poolside chair and shows a number of very revealing poses bending over and spread legs. She does a nice little ass hole wink while your face is right up close inspecting her assets. There are also a few very nice close up face shots sprinkled throughout this clip.

What's the Cum Ocean. 10:32

Gina’s finger masturbation scene starts off slow but gets quite interesting before long. With her butt hanging off the edge of the chair she picks up a good amount of momentum and sprinkles a few little squirts as she gets more excited. Her pussy actually hangs open every time she squirts as she pushes it out.

A Pretty Pool Place. ITC Favorite 12:52

Gina has a little dip in the pool with some of the best shots of the scene coming in this clip. Her crawling action on the shelf is very sexy in both directions alternating pretty face shots from the front and awesome ass shots from the rear as she crawls away. She does an interesting butt twerk standing with her ass right at the waterline making mini splashes come out of her ass crack. Later she gets on a floating mattress sometimes lying on her front and sometimes sitting more upright straddling the mattress. The butt shots are pretty damn nice in this part of the video with little trickles of water flowing down her ass crack.

Valentina's Chair Rubs. 6:17

Gina has one more finger masturbation session as she thought she could squirt some more. She starts this lying on her back on the floating mattress but soon transfers onto a poolside chair. There’s maybe not quite as much squirting as before but she manages a few quick squirts and her pussy opens up nicely with some excellent well exposed viewing angles.