1249 Holly Hendrix

1250 Misty Lovelace

1251 Bailey Rayne

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Miss Tease Holiday. 18:24

Misty does her strip tease against an eye popping background view over the bay and the city. Her posing style is very flirtatious with somewhat exaggerated but always entertaining gestures and expressions. She has a few skin imperfections which one might overlook due to her otherwise impressive assets and incredible curves. She starts out this scene in a white bikini but most of this clip is all nude posing.

Glass Pink the Obvious. 11:14

Misty uses a couple of different glass toys to poke herself up the ass. First up is a pink glass butt plug which is mostly just decorative in function although she does pop it in and out a few times. Then she uses a matching glass dildo to actually fuck herself in the ass. Some of this dildo footage was lost due to unforeseen circumstances so the dildo action ends without any real climax to the action. Particularly notable is her unusual moaning style which comes out more like a squeak/giggle throughout most of this scene.

A Beauty Pool Place. 6:39

Misty has a quite playful frolic in the pool. There’s no shortage of butt ogling as she bobs her ass up and down in the water and then props herself up on the infinity edge of the of the pool.

3D 1 3D info 12:08

This is a 3D version of the first clip above with very similar content.

3D 2 3D info 5:36

This is a 3D version of the pool clip above. There’s a few imperfect moments with minor convergence and focus issues but it is still quite watchable.