1242 Anya Ivy

1243 Lilly Ford

1244 Jenna Sativa

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Ford Explorer. 5:47

Lilly had just arrived at our shoot location and couldn’t resist exploring around the back yard of the house. She is obviously pretty enthused and fascinated with the new environs as she is at times virtually bubbling over with excitement. This is something like a walking video as she is almost constantly on the move. There is nothing planned about this clip as we just took the opportunity to follow her around while she was displaying a good amount of personality. As a result the composition and camera work are not exactly the greatest.

Ford Model Tease. 7:01

Lilly does her strip tease in front of a large full length mirror which gives a simultaneous front and back view or occasionally a side profile with her ass up close in the foreground. After a few minutes she moves onto the bed and works on removing her bra and panties. The initial glimpses inside her panties reveal a really big set of pussy lips to compliment her very nicely rounded rear end. There’s a couple of minutes of bare bottom nudity at the end with the panties down around her thighs.

Ford Parts. 12:39

This is all bare pussy and ass inspection from beginning to end with a number of very revealing poses on the bed. We have some pretty awesome underside views looking straight up her pussy and ass as she squats and squirms right over your face. Her poses lying back with her knees up to her chest and lying on her side really show off the fantastic curves around her ass and the huge bulge of her pussy sandwiched between her legs. She has got a really thick meaty pussy with lots of features to admire for the large pussy lip lovers.

Ford Probe. 10:01

Lilly’s vibrator action produces some nice little globs and streams of creamy pussy juice. She doesn’t move very much but she has a pretty intense expression and a very obvious orgasm with visibly contractions around her anus.

3D. 12:10

This is a virtual repeat of Lilly’s strip tease and nude posing clips but now in 3D.