1241 Maria Rya

1242 Anya Ivy

1243 Lilly Ford

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Does Anya Body give a Fuck? 14:38

This quick scene features a brief strip tease and some revealing nude posing followed by a quick masturbation session all in one clip. Her straddling pose between the couch and the ottoman gives some really nice views looking straight up her underside from below. The masturbation is with fingers only and gives a nice view of her naughty bits with her ass right on the edge of the couch. The last minute has an interesting close up clitoris shot as she flicks her finger over it making it stand up prominently.

Scene 2

Low Blow. 13:50

Anya’s short flared out skirt allows for some very nice teasing up skirt views from the low angles. There’s a portion of this where she has a soft but constant breeze up her skirt from below which enhances the view even more. She’s got a pretty nice rack on her too which does not escape our attention, though we keep coming back to the up skirt view.

Pose'n Ivy. ITC Favorite 13:16

Now completely naked Anya spends a good amount of time sitting backwards on a chair giving you a great view up her ass and pussy from below. She does a pretty decent pussy spread in this position with two hands wrapped around behind her ass. In the second half she gets up on the table and shows off her naked assets in several positions. Most notable is her crabwalk pose with her undercarriage squirming and hanging right in your face for quite a long time. She has a nice little drip of pussy juice gradually starting to ooze out of her pussy.

The Sighs of things to Cum. 6:57

Anya uses a large strong vibrator to get herself off while lying on the table. In spite of the large vibrator head there are moments where her clitoris stands out prominently every time she pulls back on the toy. She has plenty of reaction to the toy getting quite wet and having obvious muscle contractions. After she is done with the toy she digs long strings of pussy juice out of her vagina using her finger.

Good Gully. 4:48

Anya has a short but good pussy spreading session while lying back on the table. We get quite close up to show off the puffy walls of her vagina. Once again her clitoris really stands out near the end as she pulls back on her hood.