1243 Lilly Ford

1244 Jenna Sativa

1245 Alex Grey

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta

Scene 1

Peeking Spanish. 15:00

Jenna wears a super slutty dress in this strip tease video and speaks her dirty talk entirely in Spanish. The nearby ocean dominates the audio so you may have to listen closely to get the dirty talk. Her movements are as smooth as silk teasing like the polished professional that she is. She wears no panties underneath her super short dress which offers some enticing glimpses of her bush at first. As the scene progresses the nudity becomes much more overt and in your face with her bare pussy and ass hanging out the bottom end of her dress.

Smokin' Sativa. 15:12

With the dress now off we spend this entire clip just admiring Jenna’s naked body with a good mix of full body shots and in your face pussy and ass. Once again she talks in Spanish through much of this clip while squirming around in front of you. Her pose sitting backwards on the chair is quite special with excellent posture and a nice view from underneath.

Nice Dick Whore. 13:33

Jenna uses a flesh coloured dildo while leaning back in a reclining chair on the deck. She has quite a stream of creamy pussy juice right off the bat and more comes later on as she gets into the action. For a little while she props herself up in a crabwalk style position that perhaps doesn’t look the most comfortable but does get her pussy and ass well out in the open for maximum viewing. She then drops down onto the floor leaning back against the chair with her ass still hanging in mid air giving a very similar view. The action is quite enthusiastic with lots of quivering around as she brings it to a climax.

Walk Flirty to me. 6:13

Jenna does a little walking tease video strolling back and forth beside the pool. She wears her slutty dress once again at the beginning of this and then she takes it off and walks around some more fully nude except for the shoes. She is quite flirty through all of this often with a very nice smile. She is especially bouncy and exuberant in the last couple of minutes as she turns up the playfulness a notch.