1228 Leah Gotti

1229 Yhivi

1230 Maddy OReilly

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Yhivi’s unusual name is pronounced like the letters E-V.

Scene 1

Pretty Good Sofa. 18:13

Yhivi spends most of this tease video rolling around on a long white couch wearing a super short dress that easily rides up and loosely drapes over her ass revealing quite a lot. Her panties comes off fairly early on and the close ups tend to be quite explicit as she spreads her pussy wide open. She does a very nice booty wobble while lying on her front making the dress gradually slide up over the cheeks. There’s a little bit of crawling around over the length of the couch with all the girlie places hanging well out of the dress. Her squatting butt twerk is pretty awesome especially as viewed from above showing nice curves in full wiggle.

Breathe Yhivi. 7:38

Things become much more graphic now as Yhivi thrusts her ass out to the side and does an awesome two handed pussy spread from behind. For a brief moment she pokes a finger up her ass. Turn up the volume in the second half and you will be treated to the sounds of her queefing action as she sucks air in and out of her vagina.

That was Fuckin' Yhivi. 11:34

Yhivi uses a couple of different dildos in this masturbation clip. She starts with a moderate sized blue dildo and then moves up to the larger one to finish the job. She spends the entire time with her knees pulled all the way back and open exposing her pussy and ass to the maximum. There’s a bit of pussy spreading at the end of this clip with a big gape in the bend over position.

She's getting Two Holed for this. ITC Favorite 5:15

Lying on her side Yhivi does yet more pussy and ass spreading with a quite impressive gape. Now not only does her pussy gape open but her ass hole does also and you see both open holes simultaneously. Her muscle flexing is particularly interesting as she makes her vagina and anus both open and close only inches in front of your face. Later lying on her back she does an awesome pussy spread with excellent light penetrating all the way down into the depths of her vagina.

What do you see in me? 8:53

Now with the speculum up her vagina nothing is left to the imagination. She sometimes talks at various moments through this clip as she has a bit of an amusing reaction to what she can see inside her own vagina. She has a little bit of pussy snot and creamy goo in the bottom of her vagina but not enough to obscure and of the view. Later her bend over pose has a nice booty wiggle while her vagina gapes open in the middle of the view. At the end she tries to shoot the speculum out of her vagina (unsuccessfully) using only her pussy muscles.

Scene 2

Yhivi Peesy. 0:34

Now outdoors next to the pool Yhivi does a quick pee in the bend over position. She has no problem instantly getting a solid thick stream of pee going.