1227 Veronica Rodriguez

1228 Leah Gotti

1229 Yhivi

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Leah me Alone. 9:29

Leah’s big booty especially draws the eye as she moves around in her blue lace panties. Her positions get the curves out in the open with a nice arch of her back. There’s also a couple of minutes of bare pussy and ass at the end when she pulls her panties down around her thighs. She has an especially nice booty wobble as she lies on her front bouncing it around.

Bench Wench. 11:03

This is all nude posing on the bench. Once again the attention is all on her bottom end curves as her positions tend to really accentuate the generous butt and back curves. The arch in her back is really nice as she sits backwards straddling the end of the bench making her ass cheeks bulge prominently. For a little while she does the splits on the bench with the legs split front to back and viewed from both sides.

You Gotti 'nuff? 3:08

Leah gets down on the floor with a powerful vibrator to bring herself to an orgasm with a little bit of a squirt involved too.

A Shadowy Figure. 5:08

Considering Leah’s assets we had to get some video of her walking around. The only problem being the only space large enough is outdoors with really not enough light. All things considered it’s a pretty good video other than being underexposed. Her personality shines through and there’s some pretty nice wiggle action, especially in the close up shots.