1229 Yhivi

1230 Maddy OReilly

1231 Jasmine Summers

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

The Doily Show. 13:58

This scene starts from outside the room looking in as Maddy preens in front of the mirror wearing a lace top with her panty ass hanging out underneath. The from the opposite direction we get great close up ass view while her side profile is seen in the mirror simultaneously. She then moves to the bed and shows off her impressive rear end assets with a number of poses bending over and lying on her front. Her booty wobble is quite intoxicating with slow and weighty jiggle motion.

Doze were the Daze. 11:14

This is mostly all nude posing with the lace top coming off a few minutes in. Once again she does some very nice bend over poses and slow booty wobbling. She started looking a little tired at this point in the video but her voluptuous curves totally make up for it. If you like big wobbly booty curves this clip may be one of the best.

The O'Reilly Fucked 'er. 10:01

Maddy uses a purple plastic toy to fuck herself up the ass. She is looking a little sleepy and the action is not particularly intense but perhaps worthy if you just want to see her big booty penetrated by a dildo.

Wide Dope 'n Spaces. 4:59

The close up inside shots are certainly the best of this speculum scene with cervix and vagina walls well lit and shown in clear detail. Half way through Maddy turns to the bend over position and does a subtle little booty wobble while her vagina gapes wide open in the centre of your view.