1220 Vanessa Veracruz

1221 Jenna Sativa

1222 Misty Lovelace

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

My Sweating Dress. 12:57

Jenna goes from all made up and elegant looking to drenched in sweat within a span of about 12 minutes thanks to the tropical location with no air conditioning. Her beautiful dress fits immaculately around her curvy figure. She certainly knows how to pose and make seductive moves in elegant style. Half way through she leans back in the chair with her legs up high and wide starting a beautiful panty tease with the pussy often showing as she tugs the material up and aside. There’s plenty of bare bottom nudity in the latter portions of this clip with the dress still on but pulled up and the panties gone.

Is Rail & Palace Time. 10:31

Now completely naked Jenna spends some time humping her ass and pussy on the knob at the end of the stairway railing. It’s perhaps an unusual use of an inanimate object but interesting looking at the same time. At times she is almost doing the splits with one leg up on the railing. Later she poses bending over on the chair with all the feminine assets well exposed.

Crystal Method. 8:29

Jenna leans back in the chair to fuck her pussy using a glass dildo. For large portions of this clip she puts her feet up on the arms of the chair and jacks her ass up off the surface to hover in mid air while fucking herself. The way she is propped up doesn’t exactly look like the most comfortable position but it surely gives an amazing view and she does an admirable job in spite of it.

I was Open for this. 6:37

Jenna’s speculum scene shows off quite a clean and tidy vagina and also displays some fairly obvious muscle flexing action with the walls contracting. A couple of minutes in she starts rubbing her clitoris and gets quite animated with it although it’s unclear whether there’s really an orgasm involved with this.