1219 Cleo Vixen

1220 Vanessa Veracruz

1221 Jenna Sativa

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Cabana Tease. 15:02

Vanessa has the wet hair look in this video with intermittent rain in the background and the sound of the ocean dominating the audio through the duration. Her red bikini stays on through most of this clip but provides a vey nice tease with the material outlining her beautiful underside curves. In the last third she pulls the bikini down around her thighs revealing a really beautiful pussy and ass. Her bend over pose is especially revealing when she wraps her hands around behind to spread the cheeks open.

Meat my Bottom Half. 17:10

Though her top stays on Vanessa is bottomless throughout this clip and we spend the whole time just admiring her spectacular pussy and ass. It’s reasonable to say she has some of the most tidy features and curves around her beautiful pussy and ass area. She spends a fair amount of time posing on top of the table slowly squirming her ass around in your face in the front and back and side views.

Combustable Floss for us. 8:38

Vanessa’s tool of masturbation is a long necklace of red pearls. At first she stands over your face giving a great view up her underside as she flosses her pussy and ass crack. She ends up lying on her side on the table and enthusiastically rubbing the string of pearls back and forth through her pussy slit. There’s a few moments where she deliberately wraps it around her inner lips and then the outer lips creating an interesting pussy lip sandwich.