1221 Jenna Sativa

1222 Misty Lovelace

1223 Candice Dare

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

I Misty way she Moves. 10:24

Misty has got pretty much the ideal ass for a little strolling around to show off her curves in motion. At first she wears a string bikini that hides very little and then she gets naked and continues walking around by the pool. We also follow close behind her wiggling ass for a good portion of this getting the close up view. She seems to be enjoying herself doing this with a frequent smile on her face.

Orange you Lovely. 16:01

With the bikini on once again Misty does a more stationary strip tease remaining on the bright orange outdoor couch. She gets naked quite early on leaving a long time to just ogle her naked girlie places. She’s got some very round assets around her underside making for a very nice viewing experience.

It's a Crazy Swirled. 9:50

Misty uses a colourful dildo with a swirly pattern to fuck herself while lying back on the couch. Her moaning is really quite different with high pitched squeaks and a lot of giggling mixed in with it. She spends some time squatting on the dildo and humping it giving you a great view from underneath.

Desert Oasis. 12:29

Misty takes a dip in a really beautiful pool that looks like an oasis in the desert mountains. You get right in the pool with her to observe her wiggly assets up close. She spends a lot of time flaunting her cheeks in the waterline with some twerking and squirming around.

3D. 3D info ITC Favorite 15:48

This is a virtual exact repeat of the “Desert Oasis” clip above but shot in 3D. The water really comes alive especially in the foreground making it feel like you are really in the water with her.

Scene 2

Flaunt her Saunter. 3:43

This is the remnants of what might have been a complete set had we not had complications. This little bit of walking video is too good not to show, though it comes to a bit of an abrupt and premature end.

She's got an Ice Ass. 5:38

This BTS video shows Jenna applying ice to Misty’s rear end. It’s a failed home remedy attempt to reduce a rash that was developing on her ass from the sun of the previous videos. It’s all quite interesting in spite of the rash with big booty assets nicely displayed in close up detail. The rash only got worse after this thus no scene.