1218 Cassidy Banks

1219 Cleo Vixen

1220 Vanessa Veracruz

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Dog Sitting Service. 19:34

Cleo certainly exploits the youthful look with her pigtail hairstyle. She spends most of the strip tease video climbing over and posing on a giant stuffed toy. It’s soon obvious that her best asset is her completely clear and flawless skin. At first it’s her perfectly fitted lace panties getting lots of attention as they outline her tidy curves. In the second half she is all nude showing lots of bend over posing and sometimes rubbing her pussy against the dog’s nose.

Twat's the Dog Noses. 4:32

Cleo has a short pussy rubbing session while lying back on the stuffed toy. She is not the most natural or convincing masturbator but the flawless assets on display are a lot more compelling. For a little while she appears to be almost humping the dog’s nose.

Cock-a-Dude 'll do. 7:28

Cleo squats on and rides a mounted dildo giving you the perfect rear view up her ass as she humps the toy. She is a bit slow to get into it but she does eventually get a very nice twerk going. The way she pushes back against the dildo is quite interesting bending it firmly against her clitoris.

Scene 2

White Place White Time. 12:21

This scene is Cleo’s original casting with us showing everything from strip tease to nude posing to masturbation. Her jean shorts don’t last particularly long but they give a really nice tease with her smooth as silk ass cheeks hanging out the bottom. She spends a pretty good amount of time just posing nude on the ottoman before getting into the masturbation. She uses a small vibrator just on her clitoris and eventually produces a small squirting orgasm.