1217 Brittany Shae

1218 Cassidy Banks

1219 Cleo Vixen

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

That’s Pretty Meat. 15:18

Cassidy has quite a full figure with voluptuous and jiggly body parts virtually falling out of her lingerie. She is one model that definitely does not need a padded bra. She gets bottomless half way through this strip tease and fully nude three quarters the way through. Towards the end she does a jiggly twerk session with her butt in the air.

It's your Mauve Dick Head. 10:14

Cassidy’s purple vibrating dildo causes her pussy to cream up with a few little streams of juices oozing out of her vagina. After starting lying back on the bed she later move to a forward squatting position with her butt just off the edge of the bed. Your view is from the floor looking straight up her body with her dripping pussy in your face.

What Dinks in here? 7:30

Now using a smaller rubber dildo Cassidy fucks herself up the ass. The action is somewhat cautious through most of this but gives some excellent pussy and ass views, particularly as she pulls the dildo out of her ass frequently. The first half has her lying on her side and then in the second half she lies on her front with the legs wide open.