1216 Nora Bay

1217 Brittany Shae

1218 Cassidy Banks

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

You're Bluesin' it. 10:33

Brittany’s beautiful royal blue bra and panty set really stands out against the all white and brown background in this strip tease. Her squirmy posing is generally pretty slick and she has plenty of junk to twerk around.

Brittany's Spheres. 12:31

If you like full womanly curves this clip will hit the spot for you. The low angle front side view is pretty awesome with wide hips accentuated by her posture. She then spends some time squatting over your face and spreading her ass in your face before she gets up on the bed. Her big booty is pretty prominent when she sits on her feet bouncing her ass cheeks up and down one cheek at a time. The remainder of the clip is all pussy and ass display in several positions while lying on the bed.

Sink the Pink Dink. 7:45

Brittany rides a mounted hot pink dildo cowgirl style and twerks her ass on the dildo through most of this video. There’s a short overhead view that works quite well showing off the curves of her ass squirming on the toy.

Glass go Scatland. 8:53

Brittany now fucks herself up the ass with a decorative glass dildo. Her butt is pretty greasy in this video with lots of lube not only on her asshole but on her cheeks as well. You can see her butt hole winking pretty good after she is done fucking herself in the butt. The best views come at the end as she lies on her front with her butt up just fingering her ass hole, wagging her ass around and showing it off in the most exposed position.