1213 Kenna James

1214 Gina Valentina

1215 Joseline Kelly

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Hottie Ya Do. 14:45

Gina spends most of this tease video just leisurely crawling around on the bed in her black and white lace bra and panty set. There’s lots of bend over posing with her slim thong hiding only the bare essentials. Towards the end her thong gets wedged up her pussy revealing pretty much everything.

You Gawking to me? 10:06

This is all nude posing on the bed with a very leisurely pace allowing lots of time to just gaze upon her beautiful assets. Gina has the most immaculate and youthful figure with a very tidy pussy and ass package worthy of extended ogling. In the second half she does a fantastic pose squatting backwards on the edge of the bed giving you a great view up her ass from below.

Fucking Mauve it. 8:09

Gina’s big purple dildo finds a home in her tight young pussy. For quite a while she manages to fuck herself hard while propped up in a crabwalk style position with her ass dangling in mid air. There’s a little bit of pussy spreading at the end with not quite a gape but at least very explicit open lips view.

I Wand that Back. ITC Favorite 8:06

Gina uses a slim rod shaped toy to dabble around up her ass. Undoubtedly the best thing about this clip is her fantastic position lying on her side with one leg forward. She really thrusts her ass out beautifully for a fantastic exposed view of her full underside while she plays with her ass. There’s also some excellent close up views right in her ass crack as she flexes her anus muscle.