1212 Iggy Amore

1213 Kenna James

1214 Gina Valentina

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

You're Kenna Sexy. 16:20

Kenna’s got a really nice pair of jean shorts in this tease video with a decent amount of ass cheek hanging out the bottom of the shorts to entice you. The shorts then come off to reveal a beautiful green lace panty which also gets some special attention before she gets naked.

A Hole Lotta Love. 3:23

With Kenna now fully nude she demonstrates some considerable talent at spreading her pussy. She gets a wide open vagina gape without having her fingers anywhere near being in the way.

You in or out? 6:51

You see Kenna’s naked body in motion with lots of walking around repeatedly parading back and forth from inside to outside. She is quite flamboyant and cheerful at times almost dancing as she goes. The front side shots are especially enticing with beautiful curves in motion and a little jiggle in the boobs with each step. Towards the end she crawls back and forth a few times.

New Clear Device. 7:22

Kenna’s glass dildo has features and a clarity that makes it look like a big chunk of ice. She fucks herself with it on top of the ottoman in a couple of different positions. She tends to hold her breath while building up and then lets it all go as she gets to the climax.

You get the Hole Pries. 3:20

This is very similar to the “Hole Lotta Love” clip above but now she is spreading her freshly fucked pussy. She is one of the best at spreading her vagina while keeping her hands out of the way. She also turns around to the bend over position and gapes her pussy with the two hands wrapped around behind her ass.