1214 Gina Valentina

1215 Joseline Kelly

1216 Nora Bay

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Knittin' Happenin’. 16:48

Joseline’s lace shorts are a bit on the granny side and don’t reveal much but they also don’t last terribly long. The lace top is pretty hot with partial transparency and boobs showing through. The tease kicks up a few notches after the shorts come off with her bottomless lower end hanging out under her loose flowing top. A very appealing pussy and ass are revealed with voluptuous thick meaty features. More than half of this clip is all bare pussy and ass inspection.

Lip Ton Chick 'n Doddle Scoop. 7:03

With the top also now off Joseline rolls around naked on the bench showing off some excellent pussy and ass views. Her thick pussy lips are front and centre as she lies back and just squeezes them between her fingers. She gets quite a handful of labia making a beautiful pussy lip sandwich. She even has a fantastic pussy bulge without hands involved as she pulls her knees up to her chest with the legs together.

Asstronaut Squat Kelly. 5:28

Joseline spends almost this entire clip squatting backwards on the edge of the bench showing off some amazing up the ass views from below. There’s a lot of pussy and ass spreading and general ass manipulation with the hands wrapped around behind the ass. Her butt jiggles are quite enticing with full well formed curves dancing around over your face.

Takes the Ribbin’. 6:41

Joseline’s vibrating dildo has a ribbed texture all down the full length of it’s shaft. You probably wont be convinced of any real orgasm but she does get juicy around the vagina.