1211 Lorena Garcia

1212 Iggy Amore

1213 Kenna James

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

I Blue Wall my Ass Sets. 15:17

Iggy’s extra pale skin is in stark contrast next to the really colourful walls of the room. We spend much of this strip tease video observing her rather ample bottom. There’s plenty of jiggle in her butt whenever she handles it or wags it around in the air. Her panty thong is nothing more than a skinny string hiding essentially nothing of her ass crack. She gets naked half way through this clip leaving the remainder of it to just admire her bare assets.

Feeling all Iggy. 17:27

Iggy uses an especially small vibrator to get herself off. There’s definitely no contrived acting in this video with no exaggerated porno style moaning. For some fairly long periods of time it may appear as though nothing is happening as she just rests the vibrating toy on her clitoris. However when the orgasm comes there is no doubt that it is real with some quite obvious contractions. There appears to be at least 3 separate occasions where she reaches an orgasm, each time with increasing wetness gathering in her vagina. After the last orgasm she dabbles a finger in her vagina pulling out a string of gooey pussy juice. At the end there’s a pretty decent spread vagina shot. This video is at times a bit slow but scores high for authenticity.

Bum Bullet. 7:11

Iggy now uses the same small bullet shaped vibrator to have a poke around up her ass. It’s mostly just decorative rather then for any actual masturbation. She often just poses with the toy lodged up her ass hands free. She does an especially jiggly ass twerk with the toy poking out of her ass hole.