1210 Nina Sunrise

1211 Lorena Garcia

1212 Iggy Amore

Shoot Location: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Scene 1

Yellow Beautiful. 12:40

Lorena’s pretty face and sweet smile is the first and most obvious thing that will grab your attention right off the bat. This is a pretty softcore strip tease video but with some rather eye popping bend over shots as she sticks her ass in the air with just a thin silky panty material hiding the bare essentials.

Spreading Bed Nudes. 6:43

Lorena is all nude now and posing on the bed in the most elegant ways as only she can. Some of the views become quite graphic as she spreads her pussy open in both front and rear views. It’s almost all open leg posing with her ass thrust out in your face from beginning to end.

Rubber Ribber. 10:52

Lorena uses a soft rubber dildo with a ribbed texture on the shaft. She seems a little dry at first but that soon changes and she gets some decent action going with some good pussy gapes every time the toy comes out of her pussy.

Beads Me. 11:11

Lorena’s anal scene starts with a bit of finger dabbling up her ass and then she starts playing with a long string of beads. She briefly flosses her pussy with the beads and then stuffs them up her ass. She doesn’t exactly get a lot of beads up her ass but enough for some interesting visuals and sexy action when she starts pulling them out.