1209 Tomi Taylor

1210 Nina Sunrise

1211 Lorena Garcia

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

A View to a Thrill. ITC Favorite 18:51

Locations don’t get any more spectacular than this with Nina doing her strip tease against a picture perfect postcard background. A case could be made for the background view commanding more attention than the model. However we do gravitate towards her ample bottom for a while with her shiny bikini bottom outlining the curves. She then dips into an amazing pool and wallows around in the luxurious setting showing off her wet assets for the remainder of the clip. She gets completely naked half way through leaving plenty of time to admire her private places with her butt usually jacked up just out of the water. Notable is her considerable talent at flexing her butthole at various moments throughout this video. Towards the end she repeatedly wets her hair and then lets it drip down her ass.

Lets Split and Meat Back here. ITC Favorite 7:16

Nina is one of our most talented models at doing the splits and she finds the ideal spot for doing it on the edge of the pool. That combined with her ample butt cheeks and a spectacular background makes this a pretty stunning video.

Eye Cunt Fuckin' Stand it. ITC Favorite 5:32

This is surely one of our most unusual videos for positions while a girl fucks herself with a dildo. It’s difficult enough to do the splits while fucking your pussy but Nina takes it one step farther and fucks her pussy while standing on one leg with the other straight up over her head. We get an amazing underneath close up shot with outstanding light and clarity. Though the position is not entirely practical for her to really get off it does provide some very interesting views.

It Moist be Nice. ITC Favorite 11:07

Nina gets more comfortable on a reclining deck chair and gets more busy with the dildo. We feature the more normal positions lying back with the knees up to the chest and on her side with one leg raised. Certainly the best shots come in the second half when she turns onto her front and gives some fantastic views up her voluptuous ass while she humps the toy. It takes her a while to get the rhythm down but then the action is really great as she brings it to a climax. The amazing up ass views continue after she is done with the toy including some excellent anus winking.