1208 Keira

1209 Tomi Taylor

1210 Nina Sunrise

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

Are you Peeking Tomi? 16:18

Tomi spends a decent amount of time just leisurely rolling around on the bed in her purple panties. She’s got a rather enticing wiggle to her ass whenever she moves around. She gets completely naked half way through this clip and then it’s mostly all pussy and ass inspection.

Dinker Taylor. 10:14

Tomi uses a pretty massive rubber dildo in this masturbation session. She seems to have no problem engulfing almost all of it deep in her pussy though it appears to stick in her at times. After she finds a good position she picks up the pace and has a good two handed fuck with the toy.

In Tomi See Issues. ITC Favorite 7:08

Tomi’s speculum scene is perhaps the best part of her video with some excellent mid range shots showing her face and well lit vagina at the same time. Her bend over pose is outstanding with a little wiggle of her ass while her vagina gapes wide open. There’s also the less commonly seen pose lying on her side with one leg up and even lying on her front with her butt jacked up.