1200 Sydney Cole

1201 Christen Courtney

1202 London Keyes

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

Rear Indigo. 24:59

Christen looks very nice in her blue clothing but it’s obvious that her best assets are inside her panties. Her bend over poses are quite eye popping with her beautiful curves thrust out in your face and her private places peeking out from under the panties. She does quite a long strip tease but her panties are down with her bare pussy and ass out for ogling from the midway point onwards. Her poses lying back in the chair and on her side especially enhance the curves around her ass and the substantial bulge of her pussy lips sandwiched between her legs.

Bed & Crackfest. 12:21

Christen moves onto the bed and does nothing more than just show off her naked pussy and ass from beginning to end. The fat bulging pussy lips are really noticeable here, especially when she uses her fingers to squish them together.

Courtney Cocks. 9:36

Christen fucks herself with a dildo on the bed in missionary and bend over positions. After some moderate action the pace picks up a lot to the climax with one hand pumping the toy while the other hand rubs her pussy.

A Wand up Toy. 7:37

Christen has a pretty decent dig up her ass with one finger while lying on her side. Once again her thick meaty pussy lips steal the show with a very prominent bulge between her legs in this position. She soon progresses to a slim wand toy to fuck herself up the ass while rubbing and squeezing her pussy lips. Later as she lies on her front with her legs wide open we move right up between her legs for the perfect close up view up her ass crack.