1199 Sabrina Banks

1200 Sydney Cole

1201 Christen Courtney

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

Go Sydney Couch. 21:13

You get a nice hint of the shape of Sydney’s curvy booty through the material of her striped dress before she starts hiking it up. The upskirt view is also quite enticing as she dances around right over your face. She soon moves onto the couch and spends a long time showing off her panties and ass in a multitude of positions. She certainly has a beautiful form with one of the nicest asses we have shot of late. There’s about 4 minutes of outstanding bottomless nudity at the end of this clip as she pulls her panties down around her thighs and bends over with her bare pussy and ass parked right in your face.

Cole & Cans Her. ITC Favorite 9:43

With Sydney now completely naked we have a detailed look at her pussy and ass. Her positions are pretty awesome with revealing poses lying on her side and on her front showing off her gorgeous ass to the maximum. After the obligatory bend over pose she then straddles between two chairs allowing for the perfect underneath view looking straight up her south end with the legs split wide apart. You will certainly concur that she has the prettiest undercarriage with fantastic form around her pussy and ass and beautiful feminine assets.

Doing Fuck Cole. 9:22

Sydney lies back on the couch with her legs high and wide and uses a soft rubber dildo to fuck herself. Before long she brings her feet down and hangs her ass off the edge of the couch giving a great view of her entire pussy and ass area while she fucks herself. There’s an almost constant stream of pussy juice flowing out of her vagina and down through her ass crack.

Sydney Ass Trail ya. ITC Favorite 6:46

Sydney uses the length of the living room to do the naked parade repeatedly walking back and forth to show of her slender curves in motion. The close up butt shots are quite numerous and fantastic in this walking scene. In the front side view she is often quite flirty with a sexy smile on her face. She is one hot babe in motion.