1201 Christen Courtney

1202 London Keyes

1203 Elsa Jean

Shoot Location: Los Angeles

Scene 1

I Lust my Keyes. 7:36

London’s strip tease reveals a pretty nice full figured body with smooth clear skin. The focus is on the silky white panties through much of this.

The London Undermound. 12:44

With the panties now off we spend time just admiring a nice big ass with a deep ass crack and plenty of curves around. Her ass is really dominant in your screen as she squats almost right on your face. Thick ass curves abound through almost all of this clip. In the last few minutes she starts rubbing her pussy a little bit while lying on her front with the legs wide open.

In the Rear Two Toys'n and Sex. 18:50

London uses a couple of different toys to fuck herself up the ass starting with a fairly large glass dildo. Her bend over pose is really nice with the toy sticking out of her ass as she rubs her pussy. After a while she progresses to a really big double ended black rubber dildo which proves to be a bit too big and clumsy to do any real fucking action though it makes for some interesting visuals. She then goes back to the glass toy for a little bit. However the best ass views come in the last few minutes when she uses no toys and just fingers her ass and then rubs her pussy to a climax all while lying on her front with the legs wide open.

Scene 2

Strip Keyes. 10:54

This is an all inclusive strip tease and masturbation session all wrapped into one quick clip. Her bend over and squatting poses are pretty special with big curves bulging in your face. There’s some pretty nice twerking action involved in this scene. She then hangs her ass off the edge of the chair giving a great view of her undercarriage while she rubs her pussy.