1195 Anita Bellini

1196 Aria Alexander

1197 Ariana Marie

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

This Aria is Restricted. 13:01

Aria’s dress is super short and might as well just be a shirt as it comes up almost instantly as soon as she moves her legs revealing her bare pussy and ass right from the beginning. Aria talks to you a lot throughout this video but fairly quietly so you are going to have to turn up the volume to hear it. There’s an excellent underneath view as she straddles between two stools giving a very exposed view straight up her bottom side with the legs splayed really far apart. Most of this clip is all bare pussy and ass viewing virtually from beginning to end.

Alexander the Grate. 3:57

Aria lies back on the counter top with her butt hanging off the edge as she has a quick pussy rubbing warm up. Her position gets her shapely underside well out in the open for excellent viewing. Though her fingers sometimes hide the pussy when she inserts them the rest of the clip shows all the goods exposed exceptionally well.

Objectional Conduct. 8:37

Aria’s toys for this masturbation session are all kitchen utensils and a banana. She has a quick warm up with a bottle opener and then proceeds to the main event with a large serving spoon with a long bead shaped handle. The serving spoon turned out to be her favourite and obviously gets her quite excited with a decent flow of creamy pussy juice spewing out of her pussy. She continues the scene fucking herself with a banana briefly before finishing with the bottle opener once again.

Mount Ever Lust. 8:19

Aria gets on top of a mounted dildo and rides it with some very nice squirming and twerking motion. Your viewpoint is pretty awesome often looking straight up her ass from the base of the toy as her ass squirms around in beautiful fucking motions.

Tools for Fools. ITC Favorite 10:50

This video shows all of the tomfoolery that happened before the shoot officially started. There’s a bit of goofy dancing at the beginning and then she spends the rest of the video searching around the kitchen looking for various utensils to masturbate with. Her excitement and exuberance is off the hook as she gets all kinds of crazy ideas while planning what she will do in the shoot. Most of her crazy ideas never came to fruition as the impracticality of it latter set in but you will be nonetheless entertained by her playful frolic in the kitchen.