1196 Aria Alexander

1197 Ariana Marie

1198 Lexi Dona

Shoot Location: La Quinta, California

Scene 1

Lean Chick 'n Breasts. 19:55

If you like skinny girls Ariana could really hit the spot for you. There’s not a lot of meat in the back but she does have really nice natural boobs and a beautiful shape to her hips. After a strip tease from her bra and panty set she lies back with her legs up and presents a very nice pussy spread with her vagina gaping wide open. Her standing front side poses are perhaps the highlight of this video and this includes some very nice low angle views looking up her body from below. Towards the end she ends up on the bed lying on her front with her legs wide open and then on her side.

Cunt Receptive. 5:05

Ariana uses a soft rubber dildo in her rather open and receptive pussy. There’s a few little streams of pussy juice the flow out of her vagina and her pussy stays somewhat open whenever she pulls the toy out.

I Beg your Partin’. 4:33

Ariana’s pussy spreading is pretty decent with this entire clip dedicated to gaping vagina. Her fingers are sometimes inside her pussy to grip the walls but she also manages some very nice gapes with the fingers well out of the way.

It's a Bit Stuffy in Here. 7:18

Ariana has a little poke around up her ass hole before stuffing a little chrome butt plug up her ass. There’s some excellent close ups as she repeatedly pops the plug in and out of her anus.