1194 Maria Rya

1195 Anita Bellini

1196 Aria Alexander

Shoot Location: Budapest, Hungary

Scene 1

She's My Short of Girl. 12:17

Anita’s dress is so short it barely covers her ass and in fact comes up over her ass when she starts flashing her rear end assets. There’s bare bottom nudity from about the half way point onwards leaving plenty of time to admire her naked pussy and ass.

Glass Bottom Butt. ITC Favorite 9:15

We make use of an unusual glass floor to get some unique underneath views as Anita rolls around on the glass in various positions. Her doggy style pose is especially nice seen in this perspective as it accentuates the curves around her hips in a manner that you might otherwise never see. The standing pose is also really interesting looking straight up her underside from 10 feet below.

Anita get Laid. 11:24

Anita lies back on the chair to fuck herself with a purple dildo. She spends quite a bit of time leaning to one side with one leg straight up in the air. Later she hangs her ass off the edge of the chair to finish off the job. There’s some intermittent open pussy views whenever she pops the toy out of her pussy. After she is done with the toy there’s several minutes of just close up pussy spreading.

Anita Pee. ITC Favorite 5:22

Now outside on a rooftop balcony Anita takes a pee while lying on a table against a backdrop of ugly city roofs and chimney stacks. As pee scenes go this is certainly one of the better ones with a substantial amount of pee with good flow and distance and in more than one position. It seems to go on forever sometimes stopping and starting but with an impressive amount of pee overall. She did it so well that we had her do it again later in the day and tacked that on the end of this clip.