001 Kerri Ann

007 Claire

008 Alex

Shoot Location: Calgary, Canada

Scene 1

Claire on the Stairs. 16:14

Claire teases you on the stairs wearing a black string dress with no panties underneath. You watch from directly below as she sits up on the railing with her ass hanging right over the edge for great up the ass views. With her dress lifted we put your face in her private parts to ogle the shapely curves in her ass and her beautiful clean-shaven pussy while she fiddles with herself.

Scene 2

Panty Modeling. 9:34

There's nothing explicit here and not so much nudity but this is a great scene for panty and pantyhose lovers as Claire models 2 pairs of pantyhose and several pairs of panties standing right over your face. We take your face right up under her ass and crotch so you can examine the way her panties hug her shapely female parts and enhance her curves.

White Vibrator. 10:43

After all the tease you'll be glad to see her beautiful naked moist pussy in action as she satisfies herself with a vibrator. There is extensive close up views of her immaculately clean pussy and ass both lying on her back and with her ass in the air.

Scene 3

Pizza Delivery. 0:37

In this very brief clip Claire answers the door to an unsuspecting pizza delivery guy wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her. The pizza guy sees a little more than he bargained for when Claire accidentally on purpose drops her towel!

Scene 4

Totally Plastered. 21:05

This is perhaps the messiest food scene you will ever see, as Claire gets totally plastered with various fruits, vegetables, and creams. This includes pouring melted ice cream all over herself, stuffing a carrot up both her pussy and her ass hole and then eating it, and squashing a couple of bananas with her ass. In retrospect things got a little out of hand towards the end here but the carrots bit is really quite good.

Scene 5

Power Fondle. 12:14

After being teased by the sight of her naked pussy and ass for so long Claire knows that you would really love to get your hands on her private parts so she spreads her legs open and lets you thoroughly feel her out. Pretty soon she's enjoying it so much she starts pumping her ass up and down against your hand with her sopping wet pussy sliding up and down on your fingers. She finally brings herself to a sweet orgasm while grinding her pussy against your hand.