1177 Lucy Li

1178 Tracy Gold

1179 Maddy OReilly

Shoot Location: Amalfi, Italy

Scene 1

Mini Skirt Flirt. 21:04

Tracy’s mini skirt is so short in the back it is like a little window to the underside of her ass. The low angle views become increasingly more revealing as her skirt slides up even more giving a beautiful ass tease with only her thong panties hiding the essentials. Her panties get pulled aside a few times revealing all before the skirt and panties come off for good. The last 5 minutes is all bottomless posing with her gold top still on and everything else hanging out naked.

Table d'Ho. 11:13

Tracy is fully nude now except for the shoes. Her butt look pretty awesome in the standing poses to start with nice posture showing off the curves. She then gets up on top of the table showing off her long slender form stretched across the length of the table. The views become more graphic after she spreads her legs while lying on her side and back. We linger for a good length of time on her bare crotch letting you just soak in the glory of her naked girlie parts.

Rod in to the Core. 7:18

Tracy uses a white rod shaped vibrator to fuck herself while lying on the table on her back and then on her side. The hard table surface may not be the most comfortable but it sure gets her ass out in the open allowing for some beautifully exposed views of her underside in action.

Gold Mining. 7:46

The action turns to the ass now with Tracy having a little dabble around up her ass with one finger and then a lumpy glass toy. The close up views in her crack are crystal clear with her skin glistening under excellent light.