1176 Jenna Sativa

1177 Lucy Li

1178 Tracy Gold

Shoot Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Scene 1

Breast Assured. ITC Favorite 13:12

The best boobs on the site get another extensive showcase with almost non stop boob worship. Lucy uses her pearl necklace as a prop repeatedly flicking it over her boobs and letting them bounce free. The way these boobs dangle when she bends forward is quite remarkable with her full melons creating beautiful shapes. In the latter portions she spends a fair amount of time posing doggy style letting her dangling boobs bobble freely while sometimes juggling them with one hand.

Slippery Slot. 10:05

Lucy gets rid of her panties and shows off her pussy and ass for a while before getting busy with some pussy rubbing. You can clearly see that her pussy slit is very moist before she even starts playing with herself. For quite a while she remains lying on her front with the legs wide open and her ass jacked up for maximum exposure. Then she moves to lie on her side with one leg up in the air and the action gradually heats up eventually becoming a vigorous pussy rub to bring on a climax.

Pearl Li Grates. 10:01

Lucy uses her long string of pearls to floss her pussy. While lying on her side she repeatedly pulls the pearls back and forth through the length of her pussy slot. With her legs together her pussy lips bulge prominently around the string with pearls completely buried between her lips. Then she flosses her pussy while standing directly over your face. There’s a brief bit of insertion with the pearls in both her pussy and in her ass to end the clip.

Ass me Anything. 8:55

This anal scene feature a pretty decent sized glass butt plug and a very nice ass display in poses bending over and lying on her front with the ass jack up in the air. There’s long segments of this where she just uses one finger to have a good dig up her ass hole. The position is excellent with awesome views straight up her ass as she lies on her front with the legs wide open. You can see her face in the background as she slowly thrusts her ass up into your face.

Scene 2

Just a Piddle Li Scene. 0:55

This quick pee scene shows Lucy taking a leak while squatting crabwalk style over a bathtub. The position gives a very revealing viewing angle from inside the tub looking up at her dangling pussy and ass.