1178 Tracy Gold

1179 Maddy OReilly

1180 Skin Diamond

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

Scene 1

A Romantic Cum Maddy. 10:53

You will be admiring how Maddy’s voluptuous ass pops in her tight red dress before she peels it down to expose her bare assets early on. With no panties on it’s no time before you are ogling her completely naked posing on the couch. Her bend over pose is quite impressive with full curves making beautiful shapes around her ass. She doesn't waste much time getting into the action with a strong vibrator on her clit bringing on a quick climax.

Scene 2

The Spill O'Reilly Show. 10:45

This is a more comprehensive tease with Maddy showing off her butt in a pair of cut off jean shorts. They’re really cut off super short with her ass cheeks pretty much spilling completely out of the shorts for a real eye popping butt show. Her bend over poses virtually show everything with just a frayed shred of jeans material hiding her inner lips and ass crack.

Barely Twerking. 8:20

With all clothes now off Maddy bends over and shows her thick ass curves with some beautiful slow and hefty butt twerking. She also has some nice booty bounce when she lies on her front with the legs together.

Sit on a Stick. 8:05

Maddy rides the mounted dildo quite slowly at first and gradually gains a bit of momentum. The slow action gives a pretty clear view up her ass while the faster sections have a little more bounce in the ass.

Very Dip Endable. 10:28

Maddy ends her video with a little dip in the pool. There’s plenty of bend over posing in this scene with a some great slow motion twerking and a fair amount of crawling around in the shallow section of the pool.