1171 Lorena Garcia

1172 Yhivi

1173 Antonia Sainz

Shoot Location: Palm Springs, California

This new model’s unusual name is pronounced “Evie” or like the letters E-V.

Scene 1

Penis Fly Trap. 13:35

Yhivi’s red shorts grab the attention in the first part of this video with the high waist and nice cut around the bottom of the butt letting the cheeks spill out a little bit. Then with the shorts off she spreads her butt in your face with just her thin thong string barely hiding anything in her crack. She plays with her thong elastic gradually showing more and more until her gaping vagina is peaking around the string and then everything is exposed with the thong pulled aside. Then fully bottomless there’s some excellent spread pussy shots with everything gaping for a pretty decent length of time. Apparently a tiny fly is equally as attracted to her pussy as you are though it’s a minor distraction for a short period.

Yhivi Rider. 10:17

Yhivi mounts and rides a reptilian looking red dildo. Her slow humping motion nicely shows the jiggle of her ass as she goes up and down in the bend over position. She doesn’t really go at it particularly long and hard but what there is is quite nice with a pretty bounce in her twerking ass. She does a very nice pussy and ass spread in your face when she comes off the toy showing her freshly fucked girlie bits hovering wide open in your face.

Scene 2

Yhivi on the Eyes. 8:19

Shot on a whole other day in a different location this bonus scene shows Yhivi stripping out of a short red dress with no panties on underneath. It’s virtually no time at all before you are gazing upon her bare pussy and ass bending over, spread wide and in your face. She has a bit of an awkward but amusing moment as she struggles to get her dress off. It’s totally out of character to the rest of the scene but may be entertaining to some viewers. The clip returns once more to all spread pussy and ass to round out the final minute.

Drive a Shovey Impaler. 6:41

Yhivi found the inspiration to fuck a huge ornament from beside the fireplace which just happened to have an ideal shape for vaginal insertion. This would be one of the more unusual objects we’ve ever shot a girl fucking. At first she stands it up and mounts it doing a twerking motion to fuck it. She then lies back on the couch and uses it like a giant dildo. It seems like she actually managed to somehow get off on this unusual toy.