1170 Regina

1171 Lorena Garcia

1172 Yhivi

Shoot Location: Passignano Sul Trasimeno, Italy

Scene 1

Come oh Vermeer. 11:53

This is mostly just a long tease with Lorena posing in her blue lingerie through the duration. She unsnaps her bottom near the end suddenly exposing her bare pussy and ass for the final minute. The obvious best asset that grabs the attention in this clip is her brilliant smile.

Pretty Bed Nudes. 12:40

With Lorena now naked she just rolls around on the bed with her pussy and ass well exposed for inspection in various positions. Her movement and posing are certainly that of a polished and professional model. Towards the end she gets off the bed and stands doing a bit of slow dancing directly over your face giving a sexy view up her underside as she squirms around.

Merrily we Roll a Dong. 7:46

Lorena uses a big purple dildo in a number of positions with perhaps the best position being a crabwalk pose with her ass hovering in mid air right in front of you as she fucks herself.

Ass Pokes Person is Cumming. 7:31

Lorena may be a softcore model but she is not above sticking her finger up her ass for a little poke around. In positions lying on her side and front she sinks one finger all the way up to her second knuckle in her ass hole.